Emergencies can create a variety of hazards for employees and employers in the work place. Preparing before an emergency incident plays a crucial role in ensuring that workers and employers have the necessary equipments, know how to keep themselves safe and know where to go when an emergency occurs. The Tower Training, preparedness and response to an emergency provide information on how to prepare and train for a hazards and emergencies when they occur.

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First Aid

The company should build and maintain a flexible and friendly approach to first aid training throughout the organisation, so that employee has access to life saving skills. The employees should be trained first aid at work and emergency courses to give confidence in dealing with real life emergencies and first aid. Provide your employees with a written emergency medical procedure to minimise confusion during an emergency. Consult with a physician to order appropriate first aid supplies for emergencies.

Health and Safety Hazards

There as numerous hazards employees can be exposed to in a workplace during an emergency. The risks can rage from infectious diseases to poisonous chemicals that can interfere with health and safety of employees. For instance, some companies are exposed to dangerous gases. The company must therefore follow specific safety procedures in the event of an emergency to save workers.

Health and Safety Enforcement

Occupation health and safety administration in an organisation is responsible for enforcing laws concerning workplace safety. Employers must ensure that employees have healthy and safe work environment by establishing safety standards and guidelines. The employers must investigate complaints regarding to health and safety violation and ensure that any dangerous work environment is corrected.

Employee Awareness

Workplace health and safety practices are vital since they help prevent inter-office violence and raise the awareness of employees on the potential danger they might face. The company must take serious approach in educating employees on benefits of practicing safe habits to maintain healthy and safe working environment. Offer employees tower training about the kinds of emergencies that may occur and tell them in the proper course of action. Ensure every employee understands the function and elements of your emergency action plan.

Health and Safety Measures

Health and safety measures are necessary for maintaining internal health and physical health of workers in workplace. The organisation should be equipped with all kinds of medical facilities that prove useful in emergency situations. The employer should arrange for nurses and doctors to be present for first aid in case of an emergency. However, creating conducive environment for employees must be one of the coveted goals of an organisation.

Health and Safety Programs

Safety and health programs are very crucial part of preventing injury and illness in a workplace. Health programs help employees and employers to understand the potential hazards they are exposed to daily and in case of an emergency. An effective health and safety programs educate employees on the benefits of conducting proper workplace ethics. When a company understands the impact of illness and injuries have on their bottom line. The programs are inclined to keep workers healthy and safe during an emergency.